Welcome to Healing With Ethan!

I am Ethan Wasiejko.

I am a certified life coach, intuitive, medium, and energy therapist.

My mission is to bring you healing and guidance through intuitive connections and spirit connections. I aim to bring you guidance and intuitive insight to help you get reconnected to who YOU are. Your energy is a priority, and I am here to help you remember to take care of it!

Major Services:

Life Coaching (to help you reach your goals and make them happen)

Psychic/Intuitive Readings (to bring you insight and guidance on your life situation)

Mediumship Readings (to connect with spirit who have crossed over)

Reiki Energy Therapy

EFT/TFT Tapping Therapy

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Ethan has been featured on Medium John Holland's radio show, "Spirit Connections'

He was interviewed for an event he hosted alongside fellow mediums Chrissy Masterson and Laura Wooster which raised approximately $2,200 for Homeless High School Students and their families.

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