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Due to the importance of physically distancing ourselves from one another to slow the spread of COVID-19, all sessions will have to be remote for a temporary period of time. As of right now, this will be effective until further notice. This is all subject to change. If this interests you, please let me know. Otherwise, right now, all sessions can be booked for over the phone/Facetime/Zoom/Google Hangouts/etc.

Be well, be healthy, and take care of yourself during this time. Help to slow the spread and make this go by faster by doing your part and limiting time in public spaces.

Welcome to Healing With Ethan!

I am Ethan Wasiejko.

Ethan Wasiejko is a Psychic, a Medium, a Reiki Master, a Mindfulness Practitioner and Angel Healing Practitioner. He is currently working on his Life Coaching Certification.

His mission is to bring you healing and guidance through psychic and spirit connections. Whether it is communicating with a loved one in spirit or with connecting with your Spirit Guides to bring you guidance, or even getting an Reiki Energy Therapy Session, your wellness is first priority for Ethan.

Major Services:

Psychic Session for Life Guidance (w/ Intuitive Oracle Cards)

Mediumship with Spirit Connection (for loved ones who've passed away)

Angel Reading with Connection to Angels/Guides

Reiki Energy Therapy

Combined Reiki and Reading Session

Numerology Chart (for Name and Birthday)

EFT/TFT Tapping Therapy


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Ethan has been featured on Medium John Holland's radio show, "Spirit Connections'

He was interviewed for an event he hosted alongside fellow mediums Chrissy Masterson and Laura Wooster which raised approximately $2,200 for Homeless High School Students and their families.

Gift Certificates Always Available!

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Email me to buy one! I will send via email or via mail.